Considering you landed here, reading about us, you are obviously at least entertaining the idea of joining a gym.  My biggest piece of advice is to do your research.  There are a lot of gyms/trainers out there...good ones, great ones, bad ones, trainers who are in it just for the money, trainers who are passionate about what they do but not really qualified for the job.  Visit several gyms, make sure the environment feels comfortable, make sure you will actually GO and use the facility. Meet with several trainers, ask lots of questions (especially about credentials and their style), and make sure you feel confident in the person you choose to help you on your journey.



What you'll get from us:

Instructors who are passionate about the classes they teach. We all care about *you* and your goals. We not only want you to live your best life, we want to help guide you there.

A challenging, fun workout that leaves you feeling empowered and strong. Our classes are designed to suit every fitness level and provide you with the tools to succeed in every phase of your journey. Regardless if you are just beginning to be physically active or consider yourself a gym rat, we can help you get to your next level.


What you'll get from me:

A personal cheerleader.  I will invest all of my knowledge and effort to help you achieve (and exceed) your goals.  I will support your efforts, both in the gym and outside of it, 100%.  I will push you to new levels but keep you safe and protect your joints for long-term health.


My undivided attention.  When I'm with you, I'm with only you.  I never do multi-person sessions.  This is a choice I have made because I believe the only way to truly motivate you and ensure your sound movement and progression is for you to be my only focus.

What you won't get from me:

A drill sergeant.  I never yell.  It just isn't my style.  I work hard to build my client's up (both mentally and physically) with encouraging words.  So, if you know that kind of motivation is what you prefer, chances are I'm not the trainer for you.

Unrealistic expectations (either physical or nutritional).  I will never impose upon you extreme demands of perfection.  I am not perfect.  You are not perfect.  Putting that amount of pressure on someone will always result in failure.  Remember I have experienced this journey first-hand and I know it is not perfect...far from it, in fact.  I stumbled, I took steps back, I was injured, I went to and from rehab, I kept fighting...and eventually I succeeded.  You can too.

If any of this piqued your interest, use the link above and schedule a meet and greet.  That will give you the opportunity to see the facility, ask all the questions you have, and find out if I'm the right trainer for you.  If not, we'll have great conversation and you'll be one step closer to knowing what you are actually looking for in a trainer.