weight loss & functional training


We have a simple goal.  To meet people at their current level of fitness and help guide them through obstacles (both physical & mental) to achieve their health & fitness goals.  Each person is unique - with their own perceptions of "fit" and "healthy."  No two people move the same or feel the same about movement.  We teach sound, functional movement to correct postural issues and/or muscular imbalances while working toward client goals.

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Strength Class
Strength Class

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Functional Fitness Class
Functional Fitness Class

Our classes are designed for everyone, regardless of your current fitness level or age!

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Our Fit Family is unlike any other! We invite you to see what makes us different. Choose from in-person or virtual sessions. Click here to book now!

We are excited about...

Virtual session options!!!

Whether you are not local to us, or just not comfortable doing in-person sessions, we now offer convenient virtual sessions!

Our virtual sessions are still LIVE, not recordings and are still 100% individualized to you and your goals.

Want to learn more?

What we offer is much more than traditional personal training.  We help you build a life you love...not diet plans and deprivation that will only be temporary and stall your regular life (IE. social events and enjoyment).

Your "ideal weight" is whatever weight you are when you are living the healthiest life you actually enjoy.

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To discuss your goals, tour the facility, and learn more about training with us
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